I'm a maker, hardware designer, and entrepreneur. I'm the founder of Turta.io, a hardware development brand.

I was born in Cyprus, living in Istanbul, and I'm also e-resident of Estonia. I generally spend 10% to 50% of the year in the United States, for both business and casual purposes.

For more than a decade, I'm telling about trending hardware technologies on stage. Kinect controlled robots, radio controlled devices, 3D prototyping, and IoT topics were among them. I've recognized as Most Valuable Professional and MEA Influencer by Microsoft.

While spending my days in Silicon Valley, I worked a few days in San Mateo Maker Faire as a volunteer. It was my first Maker Faire, in 2014. I was so impressed by the atmosphere. I wish I would make the first Maker Faire for my local community. Then I learned there is a team who is working on the first Maker Faire in Istanbul. I joined the team, and together we made several Maker Faires in Turkey, By this way, we started the maker movement in our country.

On the maker side of me, designing the things I needed and 3d printing or manufacturing them inspires me. So I'm always become up to date with the prototyping tools. It reminds me of my TechShop San Francisco days. I'm really missing my TechShop community.

Like many of us, radio controlled vehicles are among my hobbies. I drive RC off-road trucks and boats. This hobby comes into my life when I take a project to control an RC car wirelessly with Kinect. That project gave me a fantastic new hobby.

Besides RC, I enjoy video and field recording. I'm sharing the sounds I recorded on the Soundcloud with #soundmoments hashtag.

Back to business, I got 3 companies worldwide. One is located in Istanbul, another one is in Europe, and the third one is in the United States. We're making hardware to make hardware developers' life easier. It begins as hobby work, but then it expanded. Actually, I'm producing what I need, and this is also what the makers need.

However all my life belongs to technical things, my major is business administration and marketing. This unusual mixture helped me much about developing my business.

I'll share my technical and non-technical experiences in this blog. Hope you'll enjoy it.

Contact Me

Just send an e-mail to umut@uerkal.com to get in touch.